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Perfectly imperfect seconds paint your own pottery

Perfectly imperfect seconds paint your own pottery

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Sometimes items don’t come out as perfect as we would like!

Here you will find some items that are “perfectly imperfect” with air bubbles larger than what we feel is acceptable, chips or a little too thick and other slight imperfections

£1 is for one item. Individual items will be sent as per our usual listings with a little brush and 2/3 paints depending on design.

if you’d like to arrange a bulk order please feel free to contact us with the amount you’d like and which range. If we have it available we will send you a custom listing.

We also offer a rainy day or busy box where you will receive a minimum of 10 random items that perfectly imperfect. These are £10 each.

Rainy day/busy box will come unwrapped with a strip of paints and 1 long paint brush.

The range available will change all the time depending on perfectly imperfect stock.

Please note, as previously mentioned please don’t order this range expecting our usual standard, these are seconds and will come with imperfections.

If you’d like any further information please contact us on 07828 380
480 or

Thank you ✨
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